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Winner of over 80 Film Writing Awards from the west coast and around the world,
M b Sieve is a produced writer whose scripts have been requested by executives with Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures and personally requested by Academy Award Winning Actor Jeff Bridges. 

M b is also a highly recommended professional script doctor and consultant.  He works directly with an international association out of Los Angeles as an adviser/consultant to their upper-tiered development slate.
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Other Award Winning Scripts
Activation - Pre-Apocalyptic, Faith-based
Agree to Disagree - Horror, Thriller, short
#Stuck! - Comedy, Disaster Parody
Jazz Music- Romantic Dramedy

John Doe - T-V Pilot, Historical Fiction, Thriller

Give My Love to Rose - Requested/Holding

Bliss-  Pilot, Supernatural Dramedy
Hunter- Action, Drama
Kennonwood- co-writer, Biography 
Mercy- Dark drama, Thriller, Faith-based
Minutes to Memories- Prison drama  SOLD
A Girl Called Johnnie - Romantic Dramedy
Dislodged-  Co Writer, Horror/Thriller - SOLD
Jude- Faith-based, Historical Drama  SOLD
Pendulum- Romantic Dramedy, Character Study
Operator- T-V Pilot, Action, Drama - SOLD
Prayer- Drama, Family, Faith-based - SOLD
PurgaStory- Drama, Comedy, Faith-based
ReSidual- Supernatural Drama
Song for Remi- Romantic Dramedy

Rum House - Biography, Romantic Dramedy

Roll Play- Fantasy, Comedy
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Soul to Soul- Stevie Ray Vaughan Bio pic. 
The Upset- Sports Comedy, Drama
Tom Drummond is Dead- Dark Comedy
West, Virginia- Romantic Drama


"The story is incredible! The script wrings every ounce of drama and comedy out of it...the characters are outstanding! Michael {protagonist} is a fantastic creation!"

                             SCRIPT REVIEWS

Kudos for Rum House

"This is a powerful, well-written feature script that introduces a fascinating protagonist with depth, complexities and an inner turmoil that is interesting to discover, as it is sometimes hard to bear. A fantastic screenplay that showcases the skillful ability of a writer who understands a protagonist’s inner pain and journey, and creates a quiet suspense that will hook an audience!"



WildSound Film Festival, 

Judge's Review

Kudos for Rum House

"Rum House' was 1 of 3 feature script winners of our festival contest of over 1100 submissions. 'Rum House' was easily the best screenplay out of the three and perhaps one of the best written scripts we have ever performed at our festival event. M b is definitely a writer on the rise and a true talent." -

Kudos for Soul to Soul
"SOUL TO SOUL is a confidently written musical drama with compelling themes of coming of age and self-discovery. The writing is strong and the female protagonist feels similar in tone to JUNO. The story is emotionally compelling, authentic, and specific enough to have commercial potential in the indie space."

Matthew Toffolo, 

WildSound Film Festival Director

Judge's Review

The Blacklist

Kudos for A Girl Called Johnnie

"It is thrilling to be on the edge of my own emotions while reading something, which is how I felt reading this. That anything could happen. That these characters, and by extension, this STORY, is alive".

J. Lauder, Director

Los Angeles

Kudos for Bliss

A unique premise. The script creates an interesting weaving of the past and present tied with a lot of energy and incredible characters. Scary and fascinating. Nicely done!

Thriller/Suspense Film and Writing Festival

Kudos for PurgaStory

“PurgaStory” is a stellar fantasy script with drama and comedy in equal measure, a strong cast of characters and a plot that never lags. Impressively, this script manages to switch between hilarious and heartbreaking at a moment's notice.

WildSound Film Festival 2016, 

Judge's Review

Kudos for John Doe

Great characterization. The mystery surrounding John Doe intensifies as the story develops. This incredibly strong ending entices audience into investing into the series. A great twist and cliffhanger!

Crime/Mystery Film Festival

Kudos for Jazz Music

The script moves quickly because the characters are so likable. The story builds to a very emotional conclusion,  ends on a moment that is reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights.

New York Screenplay Competition

Kudos for MERCY

The ballet dance scene is beautifully rendered. M b showcases Stephanie’s ability to overcome her past obstacles in a way that feels inherently cinematic. He speaks volumes about her character’s emotional arc without needing to say a word.  

WeScreenplay Writing Competition,

Judge's Review

Kudos for Song for Remi

"The story is incredible! The script wrings every ounce of drama and comedy out of it...the characters are outstanding! Michael {protagonist} is a fantastic creation!"

Kudos for Prayer

"One of the best specs out there!"

WildSound Film Festival 2019, 

Judge's Review

Beverly Hills Screenplay Competition

Kudos for Prayer

"I am in love. Totally, utterly in love. This is a story and movie I have been looking for my entire life! This is the best script I have ever read!" 

Film Producer 

S. Spicer



M b is one of a kind!!! I was looking for a writer who could capture the essence of what I was trying to accomplish with Soul to Soul. Not only did M b see the vision, he nurtured and expanded that vision and developed a screenplay that exceeded all of my expectations. Not only did he meet his deadlines but the script he produced for me has won and continues to win major accolades from considerable west coast film festivals. If you ever need someone to care for your passion project as much as you do, here is your man. He not only commits to the project heart and soul, he produces a story that is, by its character development and dialog alone, an award winning product that has no choice but to shine in the independent film marketplace.


M b is courteous to work with and has a great deal of imagination, which reflects in his work. As a writer, he weaves in the traditions and strongholds of his genre while making the work his own with humor and well-structured, epic story lines.

Hannah Eason, Editor

John Harris, Producer,

43rd Big Idea Films

M b's consult was smart, timely and really allowed for some solid conversation about proper story and character development. He provided some quick insight into a number of easy fixes and then told me how to better tighten up the ending so as to make it more precise and chilling. He then forwarded me some information about film festivals that might recognize and appreciate my work. A month later, I won my first award as a writer. And the accolades keep coming.

M b is a genius writer of character driven pieces delivered in proper, engaging English - a craftsman who is determined to keep the lost art of great novel writing alive in the 21st century.

Joey Kent, Client

M b is the consummate professional. He delivers professional results and is detail oriented. M b is also honest, dependable and reliable. He treats your work as if it were his own.

Award Winning Writer James Desapio


Linda Bosso, Client

We hired M b to doctor our script. He took our initial concept and built on our foundation. He seamlessly recreated scene after scene, reinforcing the very heart of our story. During a recent table read, a well-credited, attached producer was emotionally stopped by a moment that he reconstructed from scratch. We could NOT be more pleased with the investment, with the attachment of his time and heart to our project. 

Jenn Benton, Get the Picture Productions




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